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The pictures here are organized first by collection, and second by portfolios within each collection. There is a list of portfolios for each collection, with brief descriptions of the subject contained in that portfolio. Within each portfolio is a page of thumbnails linked to larger images and access, through a pop-up window, to the caption information.

This information is uniquely good. In many cases it has been augmented by interviews, field trips and expert consultants. The caption material is searchable, and researchers may want to use the site's search engine to look for specific persons, subjects or events. Every effort has also been made to collect and classify documentary materials related to the pictures. If you don't find what you need, please ask us.

To license and order reproduction rights and high resolution images, please go to the section on Licensing.

Technical Notes

Monitors. Many viewers find that a picture-based site looks best at a monitor resolution that's higher than what they use for working with text. We reccomend a resolution of at least 1024 x 800 pixels, with "thousands" of colors or more.

Browsers. Viewing this site requires a browser that interprets recent versions of Javascript. Although most modern browsers work fine here, if you have an ancient browser you'll be doing yourself a favor to download a free upgrade. Get them here:

Building This Site

This site was built from the extensive database we've developed over the years that we've been licensing these images. Image files and corresponding image data has been organized into relevant portfolios, then merged with PHP templates on-the-fly to produce the finished image pages and tables you find here.

Filemaker was the database used to gather our original image data. Cyberstudio (and then Adobe) GoLive and Adobe Dreamweaver have been used in previous versions of this site to create the dynamic templates and other pages. Because these tools have not kept up with the technology that drives this site, these pages are now hand coded using BBEdit. MySQL is used to store and access the data, and PHP is used to serve the data to the templates.

Site design and programming by Woody Packard.